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    UDispatch Basics

    UDispatch is a B2B platform built to simplify and expedite the business of auto transport for both Shippers and Carriers. Whether your business requires vehicle delivery throughout the US and Canada, or searching available vehicle transport jobs, UDispatch works for you. Our platform provides an intuitive, automated transportation load board that streamlines all aspects of task management and dispatch oversight with instant, real-time communication between parties, and covers all accounting, invoicing, and payment needs through the platform and our CRM, with account specialists available to assist you.

    Our highly-sophisticated, smart platform allows you to increase productivity and profitability across your operation. This is more than just eliminating paperwork — UDispatch’s desktop and mobile platforms present an API engineered from top to bottom to assist your company with smart search engines, communication tools, pre-filled eBOLs and invoices, accounting software, merchant accounts, third party integration (via Paypal, Braintree,, Stripe, Dropbox, Quickbooks, Xero, Apple and Google Calendars, etc.), and more

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