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    Find jobs and fill your truck faster

    UDispatch’s advanced search makes it easy to filter available dispatches by pick-up location, delivery location, vehicle type, cost, payment type, and more. This allows you to see who is currently online and connect directly with your favorite Shippers. Our Auto-Confirm feature – unique to UDispatch, it lets you set the time – ensures you’ll get a quick confirmation response to find out if the dispatch is yours, getting your trucks back on the road sooner.

    Accurate dispatching means error-free jobs

    Dispatches contain all the information your driver needs in a clear format – vehicle details (VIN, type, year, make, model, color, condition, etc.), contact information, and pick-up and delivery locations connected to Google Maps. Jobs may be synced to your Google or Apple calendars as well. Shippers create lists of required tasks directly in the Dispatch, and UDispatch will automatically send your driver a reminder. Clear dispatching with task notification ensures the job gets done right, saving you time and money while eliminating potential penalties that can damage your reputation.

    Quickly prepare and securely deliver electronic BOLs

    The UDispatch platform will generate a pre-filled BOL with details from the Dispatch (VIN, type, year, make, model, color, condition, pick-up/drop off locations, and all contact information), greatly reducing the time needed to complete the form. From there, the driver can mark vehicle condition and damage details, directly upload evidence photos from a mobile phone, and sign and send the eBOL back to the Shipper for signatures. Carriers can also create a new BOL for any contact in their address book, even from a Dispatch that didn’t originate with us. UDispatch keeps all eBOL and transaction details securely in one place, simplifying task management, improving accuracy, and eliminating false claims.

    Real time updates and smart alerts

    With UDispatch’s push notifications, email, text and chat functions, you’ll always know the status of the job. The UDispatch platform increases productivity by allowing you to quickly share files and collaborate with your team and customers from any location via your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

    Seamless, professional invoicing and reporting

    UDispatch automatically generates invoices for all Dispatches, facilitating prompt payment to you. Set up payment acceptance using your existing merchant account with Braintree, Stripe, Authorize.net or PayPal to accept credit cards through UDispatch, and the Shipper will receive your payment request immediately. You can easily store and access your invoices and transaction history reports with UDispatch’s accounting tools, or synchronize with your Quickbooks or Xero. We securely store all your files, and understand you may prefer your own method as well. With UDispatch, you can easily save Dispatches, BOLs, and invoices as PDFs or in your Dropbox, and then send via link or attachment through UDispatch secured chat or via email. All documents have printable versions.

    Intuitive fleet and office management

    The UDispatch dashboard lets you customize and monitor your workflow all in one place, in order of importance to you. Keep records of your drivers and your truck fleet. Set up users and permissions for your drivers and office staff. See when Dispatches were posted and accepted, and maintain visibility of all communication between drivers and customers. (Coming soon: managing payroll as well!)

    All performance records at your fingertips

    View your Dispatch stats and ratings in clean, easy-to-read graphs and charts on your personal UDispatch dashboard. Quickly search and sort archived Dispatches and any relevant data within the records.

    Secure servers with cloud backup

    UDispatch uses the latest technology to ensure smooth operation of your business. Our servers are monitored 24/7, providing you with constant access to your documents and workflow. In the event of an Internet outage at your office or poor signal on the road, UDispatch remains accessible offline and all changes sync to your account once your connection is reestablished. UDispatch keeps working online or offline, which means less downtime for your operation.