• Shippers Tools
  • Carriers Tools
    Finding Jobs

    Search Dispatches

    • Scan through posted Dispatches, find the jobs that best align with your existing delivery route, or efficiently map out a new one
    • UDispatch’s advanced search makes it extremely fast and easy to search available Dispatches, and simple to filter and refine search criteria
    • Fully customizable search via web or mobile app
    • Save Search tool automates redundant data input, keep preferred templates for faster queries, faster results
    • Shipper’s online status in real time means less waiting to find out who is ready to quickly accept you bid
    • Using Auto Confirm locks job instantly if Shipper agrees to price bid in time limit set by you more
    • All U.S. and Canadian Shippers verified upon registration with UDispatch, with registration status monitored via internal audits
    • A user’s score is shown throughout the UDispatch app; clicking on a user’s name will furnish their detailed profile
, including detailed feedback and ratings
    • All your bids are clearly categorized as accepted, canceled, or expired
    Organizational Tools

    Easy and Intuitive Dashboard

    • Fully customizable, quickly summarize recent activity and highlights
    • Easily view scheduled pickups, deliveries, status of all invoices, and all pending information regarding bids
    • Real-time updates and smart alerts keep you informed
    • Job stats and graphs that help monitor performance levels, providing in-depth analysis for any time period you require
    • Instantly assess income totals and overall workflow

    Address Book

    • Seamless contact organization and management; easily find contacts by name, phone number, or email address
    • Import and organize existing contacts
    • Create a Favorites list for a group of preferred contacts, and create additional groups with criteria you set. Your Blacklist will block certain users from contacting you through our chat, and ensure dispatches from those Shippers do not appear in your search results, removing the chance of bidding on those jobs accidentally
    • Pre-populated list of U.S. and Canadian auto auctions, complete with addresses and phone numbers
    • Address verification via Google Maps more

    Task Manager

    • Fully customizable, fully automated task assignment for every vehicle.
    • Intuitive user interface, easy to set and easy to follow.
    • Scanning with our mobile app decodes the VIN and uploads all vehicle info
    • Auto-generated, pre-filled eBOL more
    • Notate specific tasks for drivers to complete upon pickup and delivery of each vehicle (inspection details, upload photos, lock vehicle upon delivery, etc.) and UDispatch will send timely reminders to ensure each task is properly executed
    • Delegate tasks, clear documentation, updates upon completion more

    Company Profile and Feedback Score

    • Quickly setup your company profile, and easily review the company profiles of others
    • Reputation increases with each completed job, and our platform provides the tools to build and maintain an excellent profile
    • Our feedback algorithms boost your overall rating, getting you more work
    Communication Tools

    Real-Time Updates

    • No more uncertainty, even when you’re not logged into UDispatch — we will send alerts, notifications and reminders about pickups and deliveries
    • We will also keep you and the Shipper informed of all relevant and updated Dispatch data via email and text, and push notifications as well
    • Easily subscribe to your preferred method of notifications; unsubscribing is just as easy
    • Updates and smart alerts easily integrate with your Apple or Google calendar

    Secure Chat

    • UDispatch offers Secure Chat, our feature to further increase efficiency by providing a common platform to exchange details, send attachments, links to Dispatch, BOLs, and invoices
    • All Secure Chat conversations are recorded and documented, and easy to review
    • Available exclusively to your contacts as well as the Shipper involved in a specific Dispatch
    • Fully customizable, allowing you to mute or block users from chat at any time
    Management Tools

    Manage Users and Contacts

    • Assign user permissions throughout company profile (who does invoicing and payment processing, who posts and manages dispatches, etc.)
    • Track progress and address deficiencies across your operation, ensure accountability
    • Easily access all contact information via Address Book

    Statistics that Measure Growth

    • Utilize your UDispatch Dashboard’s graphic representation of your stats to track jobs, income, and overall workflow for your company

    Fleet Management

    • Manage your fleet, view truck availability or spots to be filled, track or calculate mileage and cost per day / per week
    • Assign drivers based on meeting objectives and job completion, tracking performance by miles and charges per day / per week

    Electronic Bill of Ladings (eBOLs)

    • Quickly create electronic BOLs with UDispatch pre-filled BOL feature
    • Generate electronic BOLs, scan VIN with mobile app
    • Easily perform walk-around visual inspection of vehicle, upload photos if necessary, reducing likelihood of damage claims
    • Get signatures, easily transmit data
    • Easy to share and store eBOLs: email or send link (including via UDispatch Secure Chat) to members of your team or Shipper, save to your Dropbox or as a PDF, or print anytime
    • Electronic BOLs may be created without the Dispatch being associated with UDispatch
    • Validate addresses via Google Maps more
    • Real-time GPS tracking with driver available through UDispatch mobile app more
    Invoicing And Accounting Tools

    Virtual Terminal

    • Integrated merchant accounts are only a few clicks away; credit card or PayPal acceptance via Stripe,, PayPal Pro or Braintree
    • Rapid payments through secure portal means faster pay to you


    • Send and receive secure invoices quickly, expediting payment
    • UDispatch accounting software covers all aspects of billing and invoicing, and may be easily integrated with Quickbooks or Xero
    • Easy to share and store: email or send link through any chat or messenger services (including UDispatch Secure Chat) to Shipper or customer; and easily save to your Dropbox, as a PDF, or print anytime
    • Transaction histories backed up to secure servers, monitored 24/7 with cloud backup
  • Account Security

    Account Security

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