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    UDispatch API Integration

    The UDispatch API seamlessly integrates with your website and current software, simplifying many company tasks while allowing you to increase productivity and profitability across your operation.

    Posting Dispatch

    Easily access our API from your website or company software with one click, instantly exporting all vehicle data from your site to the UDispatch platform for an upcoming Dispatch. Vehicle info is auto-filled and ready to go, increasing efficiency and saving you time.

    UDispatch Suggested Estimates and Price Calculator

    We are continuously gathering and analyzing raw internet data about vehicle transport, and converting that data into useful intelligence when calculating the suggested estimates for Dispatches. And with seamless access to the UDispatch API, a simplified, fully-integrated price calculator is available for your website or landing pages. Automatically import the charges from our platform while adding on your company fees or percentages, and your customers will see the total amount due alongside payment options.

    Integration with Google Maps

    Whether posting or searching Dispatches, full Google Maps integration expedites all vehicle pickups and deliveries. Quickly copy and paste addresses, and confirm the exact location coordinates instantly.

    Accounting Software

    UDispatch accounting software may be used exclusively, and will easily sync with your Quickbooks or Xero. Quickly send and receive secure invoices, respond to them, make payments, and mark as paid. Easy to share and store as well — email or send link through any chat or messenger service, and save to DropBox or as a PDF. Transaction histories backed up to secure servers, monitored 24/7 with cloud backup

    Merchant Account Payment

    Bring preferred merchant accounts into the UDispatch platform with just a few clicks. Seamless third-party integration with your Stripe,, PayPal Pro or Braintree accounts means your credit card and PayPal payment transactions occur faster via our secure portal.

    UDispatch’s desktop and mobile apps are part of a highly-sophisticated, smart platform engineered from top to bottom to mesh effortlessly with your company’s needs and integrate fully with third-party APIs, from Google Maps to Quickbooks to your preferred merchant accounts. Our comprehensive API is extremely thorough, robust, and fast, and we provide full technical support to your company’s IT team.