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    Terms of Dispatch

    As a Shipper, these are legally binding terms you set between you and the Carrier. Carrier will have to read and accept these terms before they'll be able to submit a request for this job. Terms of Dispatch describes what constitutes a completed Dispatch and what the Carrier's responsibilities are. This may include details such as late cancellation, late pickup/delivery fees, vehicle storage fees that may occur, etc. We recommend consulting with an attorney so your Terms of Dispatch will be sufficient in a court of law. These terms may be adjusted and modified to fit any unique or specific parameters of an individual dispatch as the Shipper deems necessary before posting that particular dispatch. Your default terms can be custom tailored each time you are posting a Dispatch. Once the Carrier agrees to and confirms the terms set by Shipper, both parties then sign the Dispatch Agreement.

    Please note: The Dispatch Agreement is a legally binding document between the Shipper and the Carrier only, and UDispatch is not liable should one or both parties break the contractual terms of the Dispatch Agreement. Please refer to UDispatch’s Terms of Use for more information.

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