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    With UDispatch, you’ll work with a Carrier fully equipped to execute your job in the most efficient manner possible. Our platform provides all the tools necessary for excellent, expedited job performance. No calls, no worries, no frustrations, and no excuses. We do a lot more than just eliminate paperwork.

    Quickly prepare vehicle Dispatches with our simple online form. Each Dispatch auto-generates a unique Dispatch Number — or you can assign your own — that serves as a permanent tracking and reference number for that Dispatch. Easily copy and paste VIN to autofill the year, make, and model for each vehicle. For new Dispatches posted that require BOLs, UDispatch provides a pre-filled BOL for the Carrier, making BOL preparation faster, easier, and with less likelihood of mistakes or typos.

    Our Suggested Price feature lets you see the pricing of other Dispatches with similar vehicle types and/or distances, helping you set the right price for the job. Using the Quick Confirm tool awards the Dispatch to a specific Carrier if the Carrier’s response is within a time limit set by you, streamlining the dispatch process even further.

    The intuitive UDispatch dashboard lets you easily manage status of all Dispatches, view scheduled pickups, deliveries, status of all invoices, and all pending dispatch information. Safe storage and access to your invoices and transaction history is simple with UDispatch’s secure accounting tools, and may be synchronized with your Quickbooks or Xero.

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